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Karlie Guse has been missing since October 13th 2018. She is 16 and went missing from California, Mono County to be more specific (Mono County Sheriffs are in charge of this case)

She resided with her step-mother, father and siblings.

The quick rundown, though I recommend doing your own research into the facts before commenting theories is as follows;

Karlie was at a party with her boyfriend Donald the night of Oct 12th (she went missing the morning of the 13th) Donald stated that all they did was smoke weed and nothing else, Karlie called her step-mother to come pick her up. The step mother states she picked her up around “8pm” the stepmother stated that the original call was stated that Karlie was near a local tailer park where she wanted to be picked up, but was found running down the road with her cell phone in her hand. She got into the seat behind the drivers seat where her step mother was driving and was paranoid. Her stepmother stated Karlie was pale and her pupils were dilated.

It was stated after arriving home around 9pm they ate in which Karlie had a salad in bed and ‘spat it out’ stating that she was eating the devils lettuce.

The story gets more confusing here because the step mother has changed her answers...

In one story she stayed with Karlie all night, woke up around 5:45am and fell back asleep until 7:15am-7:30am in which Karlie was gone.

The other story,

She went to check on all of her children as she routinely did at 5:45am in which all kids were asleep and accounted for. She woke up again between 7:15am-7:30am in which she discovered Karlie was gone. (The step mother NOW states this story is false and the other is true)

The step mother also stated that Karlie was last wearing skinny jeans when she last saw her. BUT now she is saying she last saw her in a white t-shirt and underwear since she last saw her in bed.

A witness is thought to have seen Karlie walking down Highway 6 around day break wearing a white t-shirt and grey sweatpants and vans shoes.


This thread is for theories on where, what, why, or how this teen could be missing or what followed before or after this disappearance.

Keeping in mind the 2 main theories thus far are that she was high and ran away, and that the step-mother had something to do with it.

I will try to read and respond to every answer and theory and I want this to be a place of discussion not bickering.

Credentials; I currently have a bachelors degree in Criminal Justice with a focus in Juvenile Behavior, I have had multiple internships ranging from the state capital to local police departments.

I’m looking to find anything that could potentially bring Karlie home as well.

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