Show HN: Empirical Eye – Bring ML+AI to the Physical World

Show HN: Empirical Eye – Bring ML+AI to the Physical World Hi HN, Our startup just released a sensor+computer module called the Empirical Eye. It's basically a stereo vision system + on-board embedded CPU+GPU + WiFi (plus some mounting straps). Internally there is also an IMU sensor, and the ability to attach others via GPIO pins. The Eye is meant to be easily attached to physical machines, to collect and stream data, and enable novel machine learning applications (and one day: control those machines!). The goal with this device is to bring ML/AI to the physical world. We've made our own "visual quality control" software with the device. We're doing a device giveaway to developers for feedback and troubleshooting, which will help us refine it. We'd love to send some out to the HN crowd (quantities limited to about 75), and get your feedback and see what you build! We want to make life easier for running ML experiments and developing new applications. The primary motivation has been the field of robotics, but we see it as a flexible module that can be attached to any number of devices or machines, so feel free to be creative :) We're looking to do another production run in a month or so, with a cleaner industrial design that'll look a bit more professional. Upon delivery you'll get the device's software API. It's a Linux OS not that different from a Raspberry Pi OS, and we have basic data collection + streaming scripts written in Python for your convenience. If you're interested, definitely check out the site and sign up for a free device. Let us know what you want to develop, and ideally a quick one-liner describing your background experience. Happy to answer any questions, cheers! November 9, 2018 at 02:29AM

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